US Patent No.:  D658,738 issued May 1, 2012

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Firearm Safety Update Packets Trigger Finger Awareness Campaign 2016

Whether you are a new gun enthusiast, an old pro or a dedicated firearms instructor, the “Trigger Finger Guide” is a valuable addition to your safety training and developing sound safety habits!

Many shooters can have trouble remembering the cardinal rules of gun safety, “keep your finger off the trigger” & "point in a safe direction". Following these simple safety rules is crucial to keeping yourself and others safe!

Using our patented “Trigger Finger Guide” serves as a constant reminder to safe firearm handling. - It works consistently on pistols, rifles and shotguns!

The cushiony soft, easy to apply foam “Trigger Finger Guide” doesn't hurt your gun's finish and serves as a constant  reminder, to keep your finger off and away from the trigger.

Economically priced so you can apply “Trigger Finger Guide” to every gun, left or right side, even those kept in holsters.

“Trigger Finger Guide” is your visible reminder to consistent gun safety!

Proudly serving the Firearm Industry: Safety Instructors, Gun Owners, Military, Law Enforcement, Gun Organizations, Firearm Manufacturers,  and Sporting Goods Stores.

Trigger Finger Guide is a proven method of firearm training and safety.

Used by Firearm Instructors throughout the United States & Canada since 2012

Five Firearm Safety Packets with Trigger Finger Guides bagged  & ready to give to friends & relatives.

$5 plus 3.99 postage

Never before has an invention changed the mindset and influenced an industry in such the way Trigger Finger Guide has with FIREARM SAFETY.

Firearm Safety Packets loaded with safety rules, shooter’s mindset

and “Trigger Finger Guide”, Peel & Stick

above the trigger for a safe & proper placement of the trigger finger.


+10 for training & display

Firearm Safety Packets

Ready to bag and stuff


plus $17.00 S&H

Counter display included

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●    Give one to the student or customer. Promotes good will and safety.

●    Sell individual packets for $1.25 or more.

●    Sell multiple packets, 5 for $5.00 for customer’s family and friends

Comments from Firearm Safety Instructors using Trigger Finger Guides

Many of my students have trouble remembering the "finger off the trigger"  this gives them a focus point to help with this.

The Trigger Finger Guide is a very useful tool for giving a tactile and visual reminder of where the trigger finger belongs when not actively shooting.

It gives a spot for students to KNOW were to put there finger when handling pistols. Even works when pulling from a holster.

Trigger Finger Guide the one and only Gun Safety Device available today.

All firearms should be updated now. Purchase TFGs give them to your family, friends and anyone you want to be safe.

Thanks for Joining the “Trigger Finger Awareness Campaign 2016”

Welcome Instructors -Firing Ranges -Gun Organizations -Sporting Goods -Everybody

Trigger Finger Guide made of closed cell sponge material molded to cradle the finger. TESA pressurized adhesive strong bonding but can be removed and reused.

Easy to apply and will not harm the gun’s finish.

For guns with a slide cut TFG in half. All is needed is enough for the trigger finger to feel and know it is not on the trigger.

Firearm Safety Packets are a great way to promote gun safety and a product and service at the same time. Firearm Safety Packets are low cost  that creates a conversation of gun safety among gun owners, their family and friends.

Stuff the Firearm Safety Packets with business cards, coupons, ads or a personal note

Sell ad space on inserts to local business. One insert printed on front and back equals two ad spaces. Charge 10¢ or more per ad space, per packet.  Sell two inserts will more then recover the cost for the Firearm Safety Packets.

Individuals giving to family and friends slip in a hand written note, like: “Just because we care for your safety and well being”

Less then 29¢ each S&H included


+10 for training & display

Firearm Safety Packets

Ready to bag and stuff


plus $9.00 S&H

Less then 35¢ each S&H included

Campaign 2016 Mission

 Increase participation in safe and responsible firearm handling

 Further develop the quality and delivery of firearm education

 Enhance professional skills and standing of Firearm Instructors

 Improve the image of Firearms

 Strengthen the leadership of our safety attachment